Time Of Your Life


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Theo Spring


Appropriately a family affair the show was cleverly devised by Janet Harris and directed by husband Will. Looking back on the long married life of Jenny's grandparents, sections from their childhood right up to their current mature years were illustrated with relevant songs. A good mix of numbers included really old favourites like Alma Cogan's hit Twenty Tiny Fingers from the childhood section right up to Liz Hopkins' charmingly sung Memories from the mature years, so beautifully illustrated by the three graceful dancers (Katie and Samantha Leitch and Sophie Paice) who did a great deal to enhance the show. There were tap dancing brides from the marriage section, an amusing Thunderbirds sketch with its 'puppet' cast whose mission was to rescue the consignment of fish and chips stuck on the M25 which, thankfully, reached the hall by the interval!

Costumes excelled as always with WALLOP but the psychedelic dresses and outfits from the teenage section really shone. Celena Bain's Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine received a justifiable ovation and Sitting on the Dock of the Bay from James O'Gorman with chorus support was very well delivered.

The small troupe of children endearingly performed their jack in a box dance and I Know Him So Well by Clare Allsop and Nicola Buckmaster brought lovely controlled harmony.

Choreographers were Tracey and Sophie Paice and the all important MD with almost forty numbers in the show was Rob Randall and his accomplished band.




Steve MacVicar

Thank you very much for inviting me to Wallington ODS's production of 'The Time of your Life' recently at Wallington Hall. A new society for me and an in-house production - anything upbeat and lighthearted is always welcome. Thanks also to various members of your committee for making me so welcome on the night.

Brief Overview for NODA London Magazine

This was a compilation show which was well conceived and well delivered by a group I was visiting for the first time. A selection of songs and sketches adorned each section which dealt firstly with infancy and then took us through the various maturing periods until we finally reach the circle of life. Between each section, to allow the cast change costumes, we were entertained by some well scripted banter which was relevant to whichever section we were in. This was a very inventive show for which I congratulate Wallop.

I was really looking forward to this Wallop production and I am especially pleased that the society has continued to compile these important secondary productions in the overall repertoire in order to satisfy as many of the members and patrons as much as possible. In doing so, the coffers should hopefully have been swelled in an attempt to off-set the cost of the annual main production. I especially enjoy attending a production which is light-hearted and home grown and this production certainly fitted that bill.

This was a great choice of compilation production for Wallop. There was a lovely atmosphere about this show both on stage and around the tables in the auditorium. There was a seemingly endless mixture of short snappy numbers and sketches. All of which made for an excellent production. The vision and foresight that went into the range of material on view was inspired. The various sections of life were well represented and contained good light and shade. Of course some numbers and voices were stronger than others but that is the beauty of these productions, everybody gets involved a gets a chance to perform and improve their craft.

Congratulations to a hard working Technical team and in particular to both Director Will Harris and devisor Janet Harris for pulling together all these disparate items on a very busy stage to create an immensely adhesive product. Musical Director Robert Randall and his band added much to the production especially the drums which really lifted several numbers. The costume team did you proud as did the inventive choreography of Tracey and Sophie Paice. I think my only real criticisms were the lack of balance in the singing as there seemed to be an overwhelming amount of bass/alto voices in comparison to tenor/soprano. Additionally their was a distinct lack of volume coming from the company on stage. You clearly know what you are doing so please have the confidence to sing out.

A large and varied cast all acquitted themselves admirably. Some performers were more experienced than others but there no weak links. The individual sections are too large to mention individually but I have commented on some of the items that I particularly enjoyed;

Our Triplets in the opening section were very amusing,

The Thunderbirds sketch was a complete joy from start to finish,

Three Little Maids - comedy and good harmony,

You to Me - I particularly liked the choreography,

Flashdance - Not just the choreographers but clearly the strongest dancers too,

We're all in this Together - a vibrant finale to the first half,

Marriage section - everybody was resplendent and all numbers were well sung,

Hole in the Ground and If I Were Not Upon the Stage- very humorous,

Memories was vocally strong and the dancing cats looked good,

If I Could Turn Back Time - the song suited Julie's voice,

Age is Relative - witty and anecdotal,

The Circle of Life - Star curtain, blue/white lighting - company needed to smile more

Your attractive souvenir programme contained some show background information, and some interesting society information.

Congratulations to one and all. Once again thank you for inviting me to Wallington Hall and best wishes for your next production 'Titanic'

I look forward to seeing you again.