The Pajama Game




Sid Sorokin Kevin Quilty Prez Brian Minchin Pop Mick Thompsett Director Pat Thompsett
Babe Williams Nicola Symon Mabel Laurie Bright Max Mike Stock Musical Director Guy Middlesmiss
Myron Hasler Rob Hemphill Mae Judy Abbott Joe Jon Davey Choreographer Christine Morris
Gladys Hotchkiss Clare Allsop Brenda Rosemary Minchin Charlie Mick Thompsett    
Vernon Hines Matt Richardson Poopsie Celena Bain First Helper Adam Graystone Photography James Cook


Surrey Advertiser

Surrey Advertiser

Camille Harding

Wallington Operatic and Dramatic Society presents its take on the 1953 Broadway smash The Pajama Game - a tale of love and labour dispute at the Sleep-Tite Pajama Factory.

The show opened the factory workroom and after an impressive freeze frame from the chorus, they burst into the catchy number, Racing with the Clock.

As is often the case with musicals, the acting was not as accomplished as the singing. There were some occasional line slip-ups and at times it was a little difficult to follow the story. However, the well performed and choreographed musical numbers more than made up for the odd bout of nerves from some of the actors.

Notable performances were given by Nicola Symon who played Babe and the fantastic Clare Allsop who gave a hilarious performance as Gladys the bookkeeper. Both women delivered some first-rate solos but the real toe tappers were those performed by the whole cast such as Hernados Hideaway and Once a Year Day.

The show may have lacked, the sassiness and sexual chemistry of other versions, but Wallington still managed to produce a vibrant, humours and thoroughly entertaining show, which clearly entertained the audience.